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Sacred Muse Project was created to encompass a myriad of offerings by Sophia Marie: 

Artist, Musician, Mental Health Advocate and Spiritual Teacher residing in Portland, Oregon.

Sophia is self taught in all areas and is originally from Southern Oregon - most prominently, the city of Ashland.

She has been painting on canvas since 2002 and on people since 2006; she has been creating original music since  2005, albeit mostly covertly.


Though it has been a work in progress for many years, it was during the pandemic that Sophia stepped into a role of Inspirational Speaker and Teacher -  specializing in Self-Empowerment, Healing Trauma, Self-love, Spiritual Guidance, Sound Healing and Mental Health. 

To learn more about her journey, please check out her Youtube Channel, TikTok or Instagram accounts: @Sacredmuseproject


If you are interested in booking a 30 minute Introductory Personal Empowerment Session with her, please click the link below or contact her through the website -