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Sacred Muse Project' was created to encompass a myriad of offerings by Sophia Marie: 

Artist, musician, spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker - specializing in Self-Empowerment, Healing Trauma, Self-love, Spiritual Guidance, Sound Healing and Mental Health.

Growing up with very little resources or support, and having experienced more than her fair share of adversity, Sophia has found a deep well of strength within her that has helped guide her to become the person she is today: Strong, resourceful, wise and full of hope, even against all the odds.

She has a deep longing to help guide others through that same darkness, to a more beautiful and abundant life - one that we all deserve. 


Sophia is a self taught artist and musician from Ashland, OR - currently living in Portland, OR.

She has been painting on canvas since 2002 and on people since 2006; and though it's been largely covert until recently, she has been creating original music since 2005.


To book a free 30 minute Personal Empowerment session with her, please click the link below or contact her via email: [email protected] 

Follow her on Instagram, Youtube & Tiktok @sacredmuseproject

Venmo: @Sophia-Harrington-3